So, where is everyone?

The latest research from the Pew Research Center has been taking aim at the social media platforms and where, exactly, everyone is. Pew sampled over one thousand people to determine the social media platforms that are getting the most traffic and why. It also wanted to highlight the differences, if any, between adults and teenagers. Among the adult population, it seems that YouTube and Facebook are the winners by a relatively large margin while number one with teens is YouTube followed by Instagram as a very close second with Snapchat not that far behind.



An astounding 73% of adults in the USA that Pew spoke with stated that they check in at YouTube at least once a day and 69% said they visit Facebook on a daily basis. Instagram runs a rather distant third for most USA adults as both Pinterest and Twitter usage has seemed to decline for the adult population.



Among American teens and young people, YouTube is still as popular as it is with the adults as 85% of them told Pew that they are out there on a daily basis. For the young set, Instagram and Snapchat hold second and third with Snapchat being nearly as popular as Instagram with America’s teens. Only about half of the teen population heads out to Facebook on a daily basis and comes in a rather distant fourth for them.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer