Social media blunders being made by small retailers

The word "Sale" on a show window

The retail industry can be one of the most challenging industries to be in even in the best of times. These days, though, the small local retailer faces so many challenges from small rivals, as well as from the big boys and girls in the game, that it can be difficult to get a handle on what type of SEO strategies you need to compete. According to the latest marketing research, most small retailers are not doing certain things that they really need to be doing to stay competitive.

One of the things that small retailers aren’t doing is that they are not attacking their social media channels the way they need to. Also, their SEO marketing strategies are not getting to where their potential customers are. The smaller retailers are not listing their entire inventories of products across all of their social media channels. Even if they have an inventory presence, they tend to just list a few offerings. As recent marketing research reveals, small retailers are only posting around 2% of what they carry.

Small retailers who are trying to so their own SEO marketing, are falling behind because SEO is so long term and so intricate and complex that it is time small retailers realize that they need a professional firm handling their SEO and overall marketing. One point made by recent studies is that small retailers don’t have enough of a handle on their analytics and hard data. In fact, only around 7% of the products they are posting from their inventories are actually products their potential customer base is even looking for according to the leading retail data.

With regard to not looking at and/or understanding their analytics and data, over 70% of small retailers are listing what products they are even listing by the product name. If they look closely at the data, however, they will find that search’s are looking for the specific attributes of a particular product. So, by just listing what the product is and not what it does, there is no telling how much business you may be losing out on.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer