Social media blunders that are really killing you

z111 Social media marketing is an intricate part of your SEO marketing strategy as well it should be. However, too many small businesses are making too many blunders and mistakes out there and it is costing them traffic and revenue. Here are a few you are likely making right now.

  • Stop posting the same kind of content all of the time. It is predictable and no one will come back if you have the same old boring content. Mix it up with new themes, images and video. Keep it fresh and you will drive traffic.
  • Having “likes” means nothing. Moving your social media followers toward your business and toward conversions is what matters in your social media marketing efforts. You must convert your followers to rabid fans by getting them onto your email list immediately.
  • You must establish relationships with all of your followers. You must immediately respond to any criticisms or positive comments that you get. You must show them that you care about them as people. Drive them to your site and capture their email addresses to stay in touch about why they need to buy what you are selling.
  • The hard sell doesn’t work on social media so stop it. You must, instead, bring them information that they care about. Bring them something everyday that will add value to their life or solve a problem they may be having.
  • You must be in social media marketing for the long run. Too many small business owners expect instant gratification. Get over it. It is a long haul and it is relationship building. Do you expect a romantic interest to suddenly bloom in a day? Of course not. You take the time to build the relationship so that it is loyal and strong and dependable.
  • Finally, don’t over post. The challenge many small business owners have is that they post too often and end up losing followers because they begin to find you annoying. Run some tests. Determine what is the optimal posting schedule for you. The success of your social media marketing efforts depend on it.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer