Social media can allow you to dominate

Your social media marketing is one of the few options that can allow you to dominate your competition. Only around 70% of all small businesses are actually using social media platforms to build their brand awareness and drive traffic so it is rather peculiar to wonder what the other 30% are waiting for? Once you have your strategies in place, social media will loom as one of your best weapons for building both awareness and your bottom line.

  • First thing to be decided is where exactly your company needs to be out on social media. Study the platforms and know where your potential customers are going to be. Once you have determined where you want to place your social media resources, it becomes critical that you show a unified look and feel to all of the platforms. Your brand is your brand and should reflect that vision everywhere it is displayed.
  • Your content will be the diving force in any social media marketing campaign. It must be enlightening and engaging. It must show people how you will be able to make their lives better or solve a problem. Video must play a huge part in your social media campaigns as video draws far more traffic than written content or mere images. Also make an effort to get your followers and current customers to contribute to your content. This will demonstrate your validity and your expert status. It will allow potential customers to trust you more quickly seeing that others already have and have been glad they did.
  • Remember to just be who you are. Give the audience behind the scenes looks at you and your company. It will allow potential customers too see your company as real people just like them. Have ongoing contests for prizes and discounts. It will keep them engaged and coming back. Finally, get them involved. Ask for their opinions and comments. It will help you take the pulse of both the platform and those that may be potential customers.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer