Are your social media efforts working against you?

social media touch

Your social media marketing efforts are some of the most important gears in your success machine. But, has it really been working for you? Many small businesses really don’t know how their social media branding efforts are doing. There are some strategies, however, that you must keep in mind and deploy if you are to extend your brand and drive traffic.

It’s all about value and leverage

For people to get the most out of your social media marketing they must find value it what you offer. Sure, you need to do some advertising but don’t be afraid to put some quality content out there also that will offer them something that will help them in their lives. You have to mix it up all of the time. If the audience knows you just post predictable ads all of the time, they will never come. Also, look for those influencers who can spread the word about your brand. Taking the time and effort to do this will be the most helpful thing you can do for your business. Influencers drive traffic.

Think big and be consistent

The world wide reach of social media is simply astounding. You have a world wide audience for your products so go after it. Advertise on the social media platforms and target those people you know may buy what you are selling. Be consistent with everything you do. Don’t make a post and then there is nothing there for a month. You must have a social media marketing calendar and schedule and you must stick to it if you want people to keep coming. Find that fine line between being consistent and simply overwhelming them.

Respond immediately and study your data

One of the largest mistakes small companies are making is not responding to complaints immediately. They let them go or they have someone who isn’t qualified to handle such matters doing them. Just because some twelve year old knows their way around Facebook doesn’t mean they know anything about sales, marketing, or customer relations. This is a huge mistake a lot of small businesses make. Another reason social media marketing doesn’t seem to be working for them is because they don’t look at their analytics. Know what is happening out there and how effective your campaigns are. If not, you will continue to make the same blunders and end up hurting your brand more than you think you are helping it.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer