Some social media hacks you need to be doing right now


Few things are as important these days to the survival of your business than your social media marketing. What are you doing about it? Do you have a professional team hard at work on it or do you have your 12 year old nephew doing it because he has a Facebook page? It is time to get serious if you are not already because you can bet your bottom line that your rivals are serious.

Original pics and vids are a must

Stop using stock pics at your site. Most everyone does it and it looks amateurish and cold. It also looks like you lack the motivation and the effort to produce quality content for your users. It is relatively simple to do. You only need to put in the time. Produce professional looking videos, too. There are plenty of professional firms around that will make you look awesome. And, don’t forget the infographics. Nothing generates views and traffic like they do.

Less sell, more substance

No one these days likes the hard sell. Those days are over. Sure, your social media marketing efforts need to have some advertising going and people expect that. Try to make it more entertaining with discounts and contests. Contests are huge with regard to engagement and traffic. Besides, people love to win things. People appreciate, and remember, a free gift. Be known for your competition and contests. Make them keep coming back every week or every month to see what crazy thing you have come up with this time. Your traffic numbers will soar.

Flexibility and stats need to be constants

Social media can change at any time and the culture and energy out there is different every day. Keep track of where your demographic is and where they are headed. What was hot one day may be cold the next. Be flexible in your planning and execution. Don’t have a set in stone social media marketing plan. Have some broad range objectives and concepts but be ready to toss them at a moments notice. Your data and your analytics are the lifeline of your SEO and social media marketing efforts. You must know where your customers are and you must know what strategies are working. Also from these stats you will discover what your audience is really interested in and what they want from you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer