Social media and SEO trends you need to know about


You simply can’t get more fluid than SEO and social media. What has been trending for the last six months is unlikely to be right now. If you happen to be feeling rather frustrated, you’re not alone. It seems like every time you turn around there is something new that you needed to know about yesterday.

For now, however, these are the current trends in social media and SEO that you need to pay attention to for at least the rest of the year:

Digital assistants and real time video

You need to put voice search virtual assistants in place. Since mobile keeps taking a greater and greater chunk of search traffic, you must adapt. Concentrate on some core keywords and a few long tail phrases and adjust your content as you go along. Because of the emergence of mobile, video has begun to take on an enormous strategic importance. It can become a huge tool to drive traffic as well as make conversions. Your video must be more urgent and more immediate. Like an instant commercial for some sort of coupon or discount with, of course, a time limit.

More social content and apps are now a must

Apps have begun to take over on many searches and engines such as Google are actually making them a stand out feature. Apps are hot with mobile users so your company better have one. Over 60% of the population is accessing the Web via a mobile device. Apps will feature prominently in the future and, some experts are saying, may eventually overtake websites and make them obsolete. More social media content articles are going to start to appear fully fledged like many of the automatic playing videos. Users have become use to the videos just playing as soon as they hit the page and soon articles will simply appear on their page in much the same way.

Social media will continue to have a major impact on SEO strategies going forward. Social media continues to establish what will be seen and how. As more and more technology, including AI, starts to get introduced, companies must be agile enough to adapt to it or, as they have always said, die.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer