Social media sites you need to be targeting now

Smart Media World

Social media continues to evolve and morph everyday into a breathing living thing can change in an instant. Your SEO marketing strategies have been focused on certain social media platforms that align with your demographics. There are a few platforms, however, that are starting to make a serious run. Perhaps it is time to re-examine three of them that have become more popular than ever before and could provide a new lift and avenue for your business.


Videos and images have become a huge force in SEO and social media marketing and they don’t look to wane anytime soon. Instagram is, perhaps, the perfect platform for your visual marketing and brand awareness campaigns. People, regardless of the demographic, are flocking to Instagram where visuals have the most impact. In addition, Instagram has extended their commercial video potential to thirty seconds so that companies now have an opportunity to make a huge impact out there.


This social media app has been coming on or some time and has become a force to be reckoned with out in social media land. If you are targeting the Millennials, it’s time you figured out Snapchat and put together a solid SEO plan for it. It is a huge sharing platform for all types of visuals especially video. Snapchat has a certain time limit on all content which the users there actually love. After the time has expired, the message simply goes away. It could be the perfect platform for getting out time sensitive coupons and discounts or immediate promotional events.


Pinterest has been a giant for quite a while and if women are your target, there is no better place for you to be. What’s new with Pinterest is that they have introduced a new program called Animated Cinematic which allows you to directly target a specific person or audience depending on the interests they have shown on the site. Could you get a more targeted opportunity?

As the social media platforms take on more importance online, so, too, should small businesses and companies begin to seriously put together new SEO marketing action plans that can take immediate advantage of these new trends and players.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer