Social media strategies not working? Try this instead…

When it comes to engagement and driving traffic, your social media marketing must be performing or you may quickly find yourself losing ground to your rivals. There are few better ways to build trust, brand awareness and drive traffic to your social media platforms. So, here is a hack or two that just might help you do all of those things…

  • As always, everything begins with your content; both written, pics and video. It is the primary way to engage and build trust with your audience and potential customers. You need to establish the confidence that you are a true leader in your profession or industry. Try and make the content as conversational as possible. You are just having a great chat with a friend. The major mistake many small businesses make is that they continue to believe that their content can translate to any platform. You must tailor your content to each platform, and its particular audience, or you will fail.
  • Timing and embedding calls to action with every post is crucial to driving traffic. Know your social media platforms and when the peak times to post are. You want to reach as many people as possible with your initial posts. Engage them, end with a call to action and ask for their feedback. Also, don’t forget to include hashtags as they are one of the most proven and reliable ways to engage you and to find your company. Always include a couple of hashtags at the end of every post so that people can continue to find you and engage with you.
  • ¬†Feature your company’s culture in your posts and introduce your readers and viewers to your people. Social media marketing is just that – social. People love to know that the company they may be dealing with is made up of real people who are sincerely interested in them and in solving their problems and bringing added value into their lives.
  • Make things fun out there. Invent games and quests that continue every week or every month. Offer prizes and discounts to those who engage in your fun. Use as many visual as possible including photos, infographics and videos and always try to inject some humor into your posts. Making someone laugh will lighten their day and will leave them with a positive feeling about your business and company.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer