Social media trends you need to employ now

Social media morphs quickly and you need to be keeping an eye on what is trending so that your social media marketing strategy can take full advantage of any openings. It is all about seeing what is coming and making it work for you with regard to driving traffic and, of course, making those conversions. Here are a few of the recent trends you need to be putting into action right now:

  • Live streaming will be making its powerful presence felt for many years to come as social media platforms begin their long walk toward eventually becoming all-video platforms. Video has always been a major weapon in any content marketing but it has gone to the next level. The ability to live stream allows you to let people in, behind the scenes, to truly come to understand you and your business and how you can help them. The more people get to know you and your brand, the more they will like you and trust you. Check out the influencers in your industry. It’s quite likely they have been live streaming for a while.
  • Everyone tends to lean toward Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn when they think of social media marketing campaigns. There are two others, however, who have been making great strides with regard to both content and user numbers. The first is Instagram. It dwarfs Twitter with its 600 million users compared to Twitters 3 million or so. Instagram gains in popularity everyday and you need to be out there. It is an ideal platform to spread your brand awareness through images. Snapchat has been flying under the radar for quite some time but it is time you got out there and checked it out. While Facebook has 8 billion video views every day, Snapchat does 10 billion video views a day. Is it time to reach the Snapchat audience?
  • Finally, social media has become sophisticated enough that you may want to develop strategies that will make the conversion right there on that particular platform. The “buy now” buttons have been all over the place for some time but have you really been making an effort to get them to pull the trigger without venturing off to your site? The same strategies apply out there. Make your social media presence reflect your website. Bring that urgency there that you have at your site and you will see your social media conversions begin to increase.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer