Social media users really hate this

Social media has evolved over the years to where every business, regardless of size, needs to be out on the platforms that are a good fit for them. The challenge has always been how does a small business brand itself, get its message out, drive traffic, without alienating the very people they are trying to attract as customers? There lies the dilemma. While it is a challenge sometimes with regard to what will work, there are, however, some things that don’t work; things your visitors quite likely hate.

  • The word “like” actually has almost no meaning anymore. In the beginning, many platforms installed the device so that visitors and users could express a heartfelt opinion with regard to certain content. Now, deadbeat marketers buy “likes” or, worse, grovel and beg for them as if they really mean anything. Too many marketers are using the word as some sort of success metric and their traffic numbers continue to plummet because of it. Stop the madness! What you should be doing, if you haven’t been all along, is producing quality content that readers will actually like and engage with. This establishes your company. This is what drives traffic and builds and loyalty. This is what establishes your credibility.
  • Who loves being mass tagged and being sent constant automated robot messages? Likely no one, that’s who. It is annoying, people don’t feel special in any way, and it makes you look desperate. Sending stupid automated messages endears you to no one. It makes people think that you are cold and uncaring. Kinda like a robot. Who wants to buy from a robot?
  • Too many people and companies are getting carried away with their engagement. Thanks for liking my podcast and my Instagram posts but liking all of them all in one single stroke? Again, it screams of desperation. If you really did like a Pinterest or Instagram post, great. Tell them so. No need to get carried away. Most people will see through it. One other thing people tend to really hate is when they are added to a particular group without being asked. It is like your mother signing you up for some after school nonsense. What many politicians and marketers don’t realize is that most people don’t need another mother. They are fully capable of conducting their own lives without any of your input. Want them to join? Fine, but have the courtesy to ask them first. If you afraid that they will say no then maybe you are trying to sell them something they really don’t want?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer