Your social media visual content will lead to greater conversion rates

In your quest for greater brand awareness, and, of course, a greater conversion rate, nothing can be more important to your social media marketing strategy that the use of visual content. The marketing statistics are stark and extremely suggestive. Facebook reports that brands that use visual content see their posts attract nearly three times the engagement than posts that have no visuals. Recent marketing data finds that nearly 75% of all brand social media marketing and advertising for the foreseeable future will be visual. It has become clear that the use of visuals will play a key future role in the success of your business out at the social media platforms.

  • Perhaps the most standard, and most effective, is the simple photo. Most of the major brands, regardless of industry, use quality images in their brand awareness campaigns. The best of them reflect an image of what the company stands for and they are designed to create emotion. The most powerful images are calls to action all by themselves. Find what is trending, what will draw and engage your readers. Be sure that they are professionally done because quality matters. No cell phone selfies from your 14 year old niece.
  • Video, of course, just may be the most potent weapon in your social media marketing arsenal. Much of the recent marketing research is concluding that video is going to account for early 75% of all web traffic for now and well into the near future. Video offers so many different ways to draw your audience in so that they can get to know you and your company better. Video of what you are doing, and the people who are doing it, will humanize your company and build trust and likability because your audience can see and relate to real people. Also, hire the pros to produce trending and cutting edge video with aerial shots, 360 degree, and 4k productions. If you can’t do video production right now, you must at least be putting up GIF’s. They are everywhere and they are effective. You need to start integrating them into your social media marketing.
  • Finally, infographics are the proverbial tried and true go to visual that always get read and shared. It offers you the opportunity to create something viral that has your company logo and name on it. Infographics can perform miracles for your brand awareness. They establish immediate trust and credibility and the audience sees you as an expert in your field or industry. Also, don’t forget quizzes and polls. People love to test their knowledge and be asked for their opinions. They are an effective way to drive traffic.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer