Some hacks for getting more shares

Having your content shared by potential customers has always been one of the end games for your marketing efforts. Too many businesses fail to concentrate on the importance of their content and how it can be used to generate traffic and eventual conversions. One of the aims of your social media marketing efforts is to produce the kind of content that will be shared and passed around by others to their social networks. Thee are few keys to it all, however. So, how to spread the word effectively through your content?

  • Easy and useful are the watchwords for shareable material. Putting together content that will get shared means that it will somehow be useful to your audience regardless o the social media platform you post it at. Will it solve a problem or them or will it enhance their lie somehow? Making it easy means making it easy or them to share. Make sure those share buttons are clearly and strategically placed so that they don’t have to search for a way to share your content.
  • Getting to keep coming back is also another important key to getting shared and spreading your brand awareness. Contests and challenges will give them the incentive to return and to share. Don’t be afraid to offer some manner of prize or special discount for all of your viewers who do share your content. Free bonus material is valued and people will take the time to come to your site to get it. Once they are there, of course, it becomes up to your site to provide them with that useful and engaging bonus material as well as lead them to those conversions.
  • Visuals are also an important factor in getting your content shared. Striking photos and infographics will make it easy for them to pass your content around. Also, around 70% of all web traffic is video. Video content continues to grow more and more important every day with regard to any and all marketing your company decides to do.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer