Strategic video can be a potent weapon

Creating a strategic video marketing strategy can be one of the most potent weapons any business can have if they are looking to drive traffic and increase their conversions. The research is everywhere with regard to the effectiveness of video when properly integrated into an overall marketing strategy. The key, however, is in knowing what type of video content to produce.

  • The first thing you need to do is find people who have experience putting together coherent video productions. Having your niece walk around with her cell phone shooting video just isn’t going to work. Your videos must be professionally produced because they will be a direct reflection of you and your business. Produce an amateur looking video and that will be the impression people will have of your company – that you are an amateur.
  • The next deciding factor is to uncover the types of videos that draw audiences, drive traffic and boost sales. Currently, the two most effective types of videos are product videos and those videos that explain your products or services and reveal how you will solve a problem or make life better. Explainer videos brings your potential customers into your company in an informative and entertaining way. You need to also bring your sales reps into the video process. They understand sales. They understand how to sell your products and services because they do it successfully every day.
  • Another is the true product video that shows your product in action. The problem with non sales people is that they think all of the wondrous technology with all of the bells and whistles will drive people to the “buy now” button. What drives them is showing how the product will solve a problem for them or make their lives simpler and more rewarding. If your videos aren’t doing that, you will need to toss them and start again.
  • The other types of videos you need to produce are those that show who you really are. Testimonial videos from satisfied clients and customers are a huge hit that will build almost instant credibility. Tell your company’s story and show how you have made a difference for people.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer