The skills you really need to be looking for

When it comes to hiring a new employee, most business owners don’t really take the time to do it so that it actually works to their advantage. Worse still, they don’t do the hiring themselves. Instead they leave it to some HR person who knows nothing about how to operate a business. Where did they go to school? What’s their direct experience with the market and industry? Do they really have the experience for this position? Believe it or not, none of that matters even in the least. Experience actually means next to nothing because most companies are going to train an employee to do the particular job the way they want it done. Maybe instead of asking them what their experience is, you should ask them if they have ever been late for work? That would be a far more telling and useful answer.

In the meantime, these are the real skills, qualities and mindsets you should be looking for if you want to make your company stronger going into the future:

  • If your business operates on the premise that every one needs to be dictated to and micromanaged, you might as well stop reading. The real initial skill you need to look for are basic people skills. Most of the last couple of generations don’t have them and it ends up hampering production and effectiveness over time. You need people who can interact with others toward a common goal and communicate effectively. People with the ability to make decisions on their own is crucial and if you can find a gem that has the ability to lead and inspire then you are really stepping up your game.
  • Understand the position you wish to fill and evaluate if an introvert or an extrovert would be the best fit. If you don’t understand what that means, then do some research. A proper fit and balance between these two personality types will make any business stronger.
  • Sometimes you need someone who thrives on predictability and structure but mostly you need people who are flexible in their mindset. The flexible mindset can more easily adapt to any situation your business may go through. You also need to look for the curious, the ones willing to learn new things and to apply them properly. It is, in then end these intangibles that can make or break the future of a business.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer