These SEO strategies are carved in stone

z111There are certain SEO marketing strategies that have proven to have developed into SEO laws. This can be effective for you overall marketing strategies considering the volatility of SEO marketing in general. Everything moves at the speed of light, especially Google’s algorithm changes. It’s nice to know that there are a few things that will never change.

  •  Everything really depends on what a visitor experiences at your website. It is all about great presentation, quality content, easy navigation, and, of course, speed. Everything remains keyed to your traffic and potential customers, Study your data and your analytics and make your adjustments accordingly. The greater the experience, the greater the traffic flow.
  • Your competition is the key to your growth and always has been. You need to know where they are and what their SEO marketing strategies are and you must know how they are working. You must be reaching who they are reaching. You must find their weaknesses and their gaps in coverage and exploit them whenever you can.
  • Narrow yourself down and attack your niche. Find those gaps in products and services that are not reaching a certain segment. In addition, you must in those places where you know your customers are. That includes going after proper backlinks, having a serious presence at those social media sites that will work best for you, and even get out and do some advertising. Name recognition means more traffic. It means establishing trust. This all leads to greater revenue for your company.

Written by Kevin Sawyer