This is what ecommerce customers really want?

Do you know what your ecommerce customer really want? Do you know what they are looking for? Do you know what will keep them coming back to you rather than to one of your competitors? There are so many gurus out there telling you who they are and where you can find them. And, there is no shortage of those who will tell you exactly what you need to do to attract them. But your ecommerce business is unique. So, what do they really want from you?

  • According to some of the most recent research, shipping is always a sticking point. Brick and mortar locations will always have an advantage unless your ecommere site can offer some manner of free shipping. One study showed that nearly 80% of the respondents said that they would buy more if it qualified them for one day or overnight shipping. Studies have also concluded that abandoned shopping carts tend to get abandoned because customers can’t get free shipping.
  • Many customers want to see specific recommendations that are tailored to their tastes and previous purchases. If they are returning customers, this should be an easy one to take care of. It keeps them coming back and it will likely get them to buy more than they thought they would.
  • Special discounts and special deals are what will keep them always coming back. This is one of the backbones of your email and social media strategies or it certainly should be. If the prices are lower than a retail outlet, and they can qualify for further incentives, ecommerce buyers will be shopping online. Another recent study revealed that 85% of shoppers who were emailed an special discount code actually returned to their abandoned shopping art and made the purchases.
  • Also, in line with shipping, is the absolute must with regard to hassle free returns. This is a policy that is key to your overall ecommerce success. Finally, product and company reviews that they can trust and relate to is what will keep them buying and keep them coming back.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer