This is what really separates the great companies from the pretenders


untitled8  Today’s small business faces a plethora of challenges from all sides. Sometimes, it can be almost impossible to keep up. There is so much to consider and so much to do and to put into place just in order to merely compete. How does a company excel? Is it their SEO marketing? Is it their products or services? Is it their social media marketing presence?

What is separating the great businesses from those that continue to struggle? It’s customer service. You may be doing everything else right but if your customer service is not superior to your rivals, you might as well pack up the boxes and shut off the lights.

Goals and follow up are the keys…

You must have a clearly defined set of goals when it comes to your customer service. Your customers need to know exactly what you are going to do for them. Also, you must have great people in these customer service positions and they must be highly trained. They are as important as your SEO marketing efforts and as important as your sales team. They need to communicate your policies and be able to represent your brand in a positive manner.

Be proactive and try and keep track of everything…

Your customer service needs to be constantly on top of things. If you are getting complaints and receiving harsh comments out on your social media channels then there is something wrong with your system. Your system must be designed so that it becomes an active part of your branding advertising. There are many effective customer service tracking software programs out there. Get one so you can get a handle on trends that may be developing for you.

Communication channels and social media are crucial…

Being highly proactive at your social media outlets is critical to your overall success. People have become accustomed to using social media for communication and it is a great way to stay in touch with current and potential customers. It is also an excellent way to respond immediately to any potential complaints. Communication is always the key to success. People want someone to respond quickly to a complaint and they want to feel that your company cares about them and their business. Do that, and they will be back. They will likely bring some friends with them.

 – Written by Kevin Sawyer