Tired of playing nice?

There comes a time when an entrepreneur and small business owner must decide that they are tired of playing nice. You seem to be stuck in the same place, never seeming to move forward even the proverbial inch. Why is that? Are you just competing? Anyone can compete. Even a team that has no wins can go out and compete every game. At least for a while. Maybe it is time to stop competing and time to start dominating?

  • The first thing is that you must have big goals and the will to carry them out. If you think like all of your rivals you will never dominate them because, in the end, you will end up the same as them. How are you really different from them? Or are you? Does all of your marketing and content demonstrate to people why your solutions are better? Decide who you are and then craft your story.

  • Stop doing what everyone else is doing. All of your content must tell the consistent story of your company in a captivating and engaging way. You must leave the audience with no doubt as to who they should go with. If they show up at your site, your LinkedIn page or on your Facebook page, what are they seeing? Are they seeing something different and dynamic or are they just seeing another incarnation of everyone else in your industry or profession?
  • Start getting the message out. Brand awareness and name recognition will allow to dominate. Put up a YouTube video a week showing how you are solving problems or making life better for your customers and/or clients. It is all about how you position yourself. Do some regular podcasts, write a book or booklet, start broadcasting regular webinars. You are everywhere your rivals aren’t with a message and solutions that they don’t have.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer