Being truly successful means doing these things…

The rather startling fact in the world of entrepreneurs is that only around 1%-2% are ever successful at it. In fact, being successful is not any easy feat at all. It takes discipline, hard work and, of course, a plan. It also includes having the proper mindset because most people don’t have that. Years ago, that legendary entrepreneur and teacher, Anthony Robbins, once remarked that if you wanted to be a particular thing you had to find people who have already done what you want to do. After that, you just do what they did.

  • The first thing all successful people have in common are their exceptional people skills. If you just sit around texting, checking your social media pages and playing video games all day, you are not going to be in the success league. The successful can easily converse with anyone and they remember people’s names and what they do.
  • The successful among us continue to educate themselves through reading and they exercise regularly because they know that being successful means needing tremendous amounts of energy and stamina. They always have set goals and plans for attaining those goals and their adaptability allows them to do so more frequently than anyone else. Most people have dreams; the successful have game plans.
  • What successful people are not is insecure. Those that truly thrive in business know that to do so means putting together as great a team as they possibly can. They are not threatened by people who are great at what they do. They recruit people who are strong where they are weak. They know that this is the only way to win and to dominate.
  • They pursue those things that they love and have a true passion for. They also never quit and are willing to work longer and harder than those around them. They are no stranger to 60 hour work weeks and will stay with a project or vision until it has come to fruition. Finally, the successful among us are accountable for themselves and take full responsibility for their actions. They lay no blame on others when they know any blame should rest with them. When there is success, they gladly share with those around them for they know that, without those others, their dreams and visions would never have happened.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer