How using visuals will increase your engagement

Businessman you are communicating with electronic terminal There is so much to be said about using visual content to increase engagement and drive traffic that is is hard to know where to begin. Research demonstrates time and again how visuals  increase engagement and urge visitors to linger at your sites and pages. Your SEO marketing efforts must begin to incorporate visuals in all of your branding efforts.

Let them speak and flood your social media

Your social media platforms are the perfect place for stand alone visuals and video. Your articles and blog posts must contain visual content to truly succeed and drive traffic. In fact, recent marketing data has found that social media blogs and pages that are heavy with visuals engage the audience 650 times more than if it were just an all text presentation. It is quite commonly known that humans remember and maintain what they see at a much higher rate than what they see. Start planning those photos, videos and infographics.

Keep your text to a minimum out on social media. Make them as visually heavy as you can. SEO Marketing data suggests that keeping a post under 250 characters in text is the most effective for engagement and driving traffic. Let your visuals speak for you. Let them simplify and explain how it will be to the visitor’s advantage to come to your site and engage with your company.

Get emotional and optimize everything

There is always an emotional element to sales and your visuals must tap into that and drive your audience to take action. Exciting emotion of any kind takes planning and thought with regard to visuals as color and light and texture and pose must all be factors in your presentation. It is a commercial. Make them want to share your visuals. Make them trust you and like you. People have always loved doing businesses with people they like and trust.

Optimize all of your images so that they can truly enhance your SEO marketing efforts. Titles and tags must be keyword and key phrase rich for you so that the search engines can pick you up with little effort. Finally, know your demographic and potential demographics. Appeal to them through your videos, infographics and photos. Knowing your audience means you know exactly what images will work for what audiences. Put your visual content to work for you and you will see a huge jump in your engagement numbers as well as your traffic numbers.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer