UX trends you need to know

User Experience (UX) has been around since the late 1990’s but it has begun to take on a greater importance with regard to your SEO marketing and your overall business success. What UX breaks down to, essentially, is the interaction that happens between your company and your customers and potential customers. UX has begun to expand its parameters and there are current trends you need to look out for as you move ahead with your marketing.

  • Your UX strategy needs to be closely aligned with your conversion rate and any optimization strategy you may have for that. Your UX strategy should be relatively simple. Your entire website, as well as your social media outlets, must be adapted to exactly what your customer wants and it must engage with them in an informative and entertaining manner. It is customer service to the extreme.
  • As we continue with the era of instant gratification and limited attention spans, your response time to an queries must be immediate and around the clock. The answer for many businesses these days is automation in the form of chatbots. Chatbots have become quite sophisticated and are expected to handle the bulk, if not all, of the online customer queries by the end of 2020.

  • The visible horizon, and the immediate future for UX, is leaning toward the explosion of wearable technology. This wearable technology has begun to expand beyond the mere so-called smartwatches. The emergence of this new technology looks to triple over the next few years especially in the health related industry. The marketing strategy here would be heavily visual tying everything into a customer’s everyday experiences and how this tech will enhance their lives.
  • Your UX strategy must be extremely customer centric just as it likely always has been. The search engines however, especially Google, have begun to make UX a serious and important part of their SERP results. Staying on your UX strategy and integrating it across your entire marketing landscape is what will keep your company ahead of your competitors.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer