Video can be the most powerful marketing weapon you can deploy

When it comes to your SEO marketing and brand awareness, video can be one of your most effective tools and weapons. The challenge is, however, that few small businesses really take advantage of video and fewer still do it effectively. Like all of your marketing efforts, you can’t leave anything to chance, or to amateurs, with your video marketing.

  • The first thing you need to do is find some professionals who actually know video marketing and know how to produce an engaging video marketing piece. When you begin, you have less than eight seconds to engage your audience or they are gone. That’s what all of the marketing research points to. Eight seconds is actually the attention span of a goldfish.
  • So, in the initial eight seconds you need to grab them, engage them and draw them into your video. The latest research indicates that they must be less than two minutes long or you will lose them. Keeping your video in the 60-90 second range will be the most effective.
  • Think a sixty second commercial. Don’t get bogged down with stats and charts because their brains will shut down and you have wasted both time and money. Keep it light yet informative. Your video exists to drive them to your website to learn more and to buy. That’s it.
  • Tell a story. Take them behind your company. Get them to see you as people who care about bringing added value to their lives or solving an important problem for them. Show them why your company and products are exactly what they need right now. The better they know you, the greater chance that they will like you. People like doing business with people they like.
  • Forget putting together a spontaneous clip. Your video marketing efforts need to be properly scripted and acted. That also means practice and rehearsals. Make them laugh and make them cry. Stimulate their emotions. Make them form an emotional attachment to you and your products. It is, in the end, all about how they feel about your products and company. That is what will linger with them.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer