Is your video marketing as powerful as it could be?


Video is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, weapon you have in your SEO marketing arsenal. Unfortunately, most small businesses just don’t seem to have the hang of it unless they are working with a professional firm. Too many, sadly, are leaving their SEO, and their video production in particular, in the hands of amateurs. It shows and it is costing you traffic and conversions.

Video engages viewers like no other type of content. Marketing experts, regardless of industry, consistently use video because they know it drives traffic and nearly 80% of all companies are integrating it into their marketing visions. The really great thing about video is that it doesn’t have to break your budget and to not be doing it is to be losing ground to your rivals. So, how do you make to most of your video SEO? What are the best strategies for engaging people and driving traffic?

  • Some of the most successful video campaigns encompass a behind the scenes look at a company or business. Feature real people, as well as yourself, in your videos. People like to connect faces and real people to a business, especially a small business. You can show them how your company works and gradually introduce all of your staff members to everyone. Give everyone that intimate portrait. People, as always, like to do business with people they like. It becomes a powerful emotional connection like a favorite movie character.
  • There must be a purpose and a message story line with each of your videos. You can’t just wander around your business with a hand held camera and expect the whole world to tune in. It needs to be a quality and professional production. Too many amateurs think they are Hollywood directors. Most of them are simply horrible and most productions look like they were shot by six year old children.
  • Get it to less than four minutes at a time if you can do it. Under four minutes is an ideal length to keep an audience engaged. Of course, there can be longer productions but they must be perfectly scripted and professionally produced. You must use social media as a prime outlet for your video content and you must, at the very least, put up a YouTube channel. Exposing your video to the social media billions can help any business gain some SEO marketing ground.
  • It’s all about the engagement factor and how well you can capture and hold their attention. If you produce quality video content, people will come back and they will share it with their social networks.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer