Video marketing stats you really need to know about

If there is one vital cog in your entire marketing machine, it is your video marketing. Some latest research indicates that those businesses that incorporate video into their SEO and social media marketing are increasing their ROI by ten times greater than those that don’t use video at all. The major reason for it all is that recent research has found that nearly 80% of Americans actually will watch an entire video. Here are just a few more video marketing stats that you really need to know about:

  • Every minute, 48 hours worth of video is loaded to YouTube and that males outnumber the females in the YouTube audience. Also, over 90% of the 25-35 year old demographic almost exclusively watches videos above written content.
  • As far as the major social media platforms are concerned: videos on Twitter are re-tweeted six times as often as plain text tweets. Video posting is up over 60% on both Snapchat and Instagram while over 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook.
  • By 2020, video traffic will triple with 75% of all mobile web traffic being video and a million minutes of video will be available on the web at any given second. Nearly 80% of all sized businesses have a YouTube channel and viewers spend nearly ten minutes a day at YouTube watching entire videos. Over 70% of YouTube traffic is by way of mobile devices with only 30% coming from desktops.
  • Facebook has recently announced that, come 2018, around 90% of all of its content will be video. Also, by the end of 2019, around 80% of all world wide web traffic will be video. Video ad spending is up in the last two years nearly 70% while revenues generated from video marketing are way up averaging in the whopping 385% neighborhood.
  • Marketing experts were recently polled with regard to the effectiveness of video advertising on the web. According to the survey, around 86% of them feel that it is more effective than all other advertising including television. Brand recall is twice as strong with web based video than it is with television commercials and are nearly 20 times more effective with regard to driving traffic than are simple banner or tile ads.
  • Finally with regard to the bottom line, your conversions, retailers nationally saw 91% greater conversions when they used video. If an email campaign contained a personal video, conversion rates jumped over 500% while thirty second videos seem to drive the most conversions. The more video you put out there and have on your site, the greater the chances of making the conversion.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer