Video has now become critical to your SEO success


Video content has morphed itself into the most important SEO marketing weapon available to small businesses. It is engaging more potential customers than any other form of content. While your written content will remain critical to your success, the emergence of video content can take your SEO marketing efforts to a new level of engagement and conversions.

Video content has become a huge factor in driving traffic and creating more conversions out at the social media platforms. It must be integrated into your social media market campaigns if you are looking to get the maximum effect and traffic. New marketing research suggests that video will become over 80% of all world wide web traffic by the 2019. Video and image content, when combined with relevant written content, is getting nearly 95% more engagement than content without images and, especially, video.

  • It has been noted than nearly 75% of all B2C companies will be increasing their video content over the next year. Marketing research has consistently stated that video is processed and remembered around 60,000 times faster than text. Over half of all SEO marketing researchers, as well as marketers, are stating that video has been giving them some of their best ROI ever.
  • When you have your SEO marketing team, or outside professional firm, create custom video content, conversion rates are seven times higher than with just written content alone. This is in addition to nearly 90% of the companies who use content marketing as part of their overall SEO strategy are the most successful companies out there.
  • The challenge that remains for nearly half of all small businesses is that they have a small, usually only one person, “team” trying to do their content marketing and SEO. By not hiring a full time team, or outside professionals, they continue to lose serious ground to their competitors. For those companies that are struggling, according to some recent research, they are those without an effective marketing organization or an ongoing creative process to create the needed content to keep their SEO marketing efforts effective.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer