Video stats you can’t ignore

To ignore video as a serious marketing tool is to invite future disaster. The challenge is that only around 30% of all small businesses are incorporating video into their online marketing. While video seems to intimidate many small businesses, it must be embraced by your brand if you even hope to compete in the future. Here are more than a few reasons, gathered from various research sources, that video marketing needs to be a priority for your business.

  • More than half of the online buyers are looking at videos of products or services before they make up their mind to buy and video landing pages for a product or service boosts conversions rates more than 80% more than a simple text based landing page. Show a demo video of how your products work and they convert twice as many buyers than just a picture and a text based explanation.

  • How-to videos are a must have in your arsenal as YouTube reports that those videos have shown a 70% increase year after year and that more than 70% of people would rather watch a how-to video than read about it. Businesses that use video marketing get nearly 30% click throughs and almost 40% higher conversions than those companies that don’t use video in their marketing efforts.
  • 80% of people can actually recall and remember a video they have seen within the last thirty days. Companies that continue to use video grow at a rate 50% faster year by year than those brands that don’t use it. Nearly 60% of buyers have a stronger liking for and trust of companies that use video marketing.

  • Most viewers find the best length for a video to be around 15 seconds and not longer than 60 seconds. Nearly 90%  all Facebook video ads are viewed without the sound turned on. Autoplay ads are generally hated and nearly 90% of people who encounter them exit the web page almost immediately. Potential customers will spend three times more time at a site with video than at a site without video.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer