Want to double your social media traffic? Here’s how…


Social media still remains one of the best ways to drive traffic and to convert new customers. However, too many small companies are focusing all of their energies at driving traffic and building a following only. Often, this will lead to a serious decline in overall quality at your sites and will, in the end, start driving people away from you instead. So, what to do?

Better quality, better people skills

The first thing you need to do is step up the quality of your content. If you have no idea how to do that than you need professional marketers, writers and video production people doing that for you. The focus needs to be content that is engaging and that impels others to want to share it. Keep it original and focused on what your demographic is looking for. This can easily get some serious social media “word of mouth” going.

Always be reaching out and communicating with whoever shows up at your social media pages. Especially those who are engaging in the conversation but are not yet engaging with your products or services. Always be selling. Always be talking. Be friendly and sincere. Make them want to come to your site. Make them see how they need your products and services.

Follow the leaders and reward the reapers

Finding the major social media influencers in your community or in your industry is key to driving more social media traffic. These are people with huge followings. Many have thousands of followers who may not even know your brand exists. Get the influencers to chat you up and watch your traffic numbers soar. You want a long term quid pro quo relationship here.

Handing out rewards for faithful followers is a must if you want to compete out on social media. The great thing about a rewards program is that there is no way to mess it up. Coupons and discounts at your site, and at those you have alliances with, will come back to you a hundred fold in traffic and loyalty.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer