Want to steal some traffic from your rivals? Here’s how…

z7777  Competition has never been more brutal than it is these days. You work hard at your SEO marketing and social media sites but sometimes it just seems that your rivals are grabbing the lion’s share of the traffic. Well, it’s time to change that and start redirecting some of your competitor’s traffic your way.

Boost your authority and dominate keywords

There are certain sites and programs out there that your SEO marketing firm will know where you can actually discover what keywords are being used by your rivals and what kind of traffic they are generating. By doing this, you will know exactly the words that working to drive traffic to your site. Then, just start creating some SEO content and video that will focus on those keywords.

Increasing your authority in your field can be directly related to the quality, and quantity, of your backlinks. Get out to your rivals and see who they have for backlinks. These backlinks are crucial to your SEO ranking and standing. Your content quality needs to be high. It needs to be at least on the level of your competitors. Reach out to these sites and request that they link to you and, of course, you will do the same for them. The better your content is, the more authority you project and the more backlinks you can acquire from quality sites and companies.

Influence and aggressively advertise

You must become a major influencer in your demographic and industry as well a serious promoter of your business. The more of an expert and authority you make yourself in your industry, the easier it will be to influence your industry and other related companies who will promote and work alliances with you. Know who the current influencers in your industry are and become one of them and court them. A kind article in their blog will do wonders for your traffic, too.

Your SEO marketing plan must encompasses paid advertising especially out at the social media platforms. Find those platforms that contain the bulk of your demographic and get out there and aggressively advertise to them. Make sure you become a serious option in their mind when they are ready to buy whatever it you you are selling.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer