Wasting time means wasting opportunity

Your most precious possession is time. The challenge is always how to most effectively use it to accomplish what you seek to accomplish. Most people either think that they manage their time well while others rarely give it a second thought. Many people complain that they don’t have enough time in their day when the reality often is that they waste too much of it. Time management can be the most important weapon you have with regard to the success of your business as well as success in your life. It does, however take some planning and some discipline.

  • Again, what you need is a plan and the discipline to execute that plan. Forget checking your phone every three minutes. People waste an incredible amount of time being addicted to their phone. Lay out precise goals and write them down. The most important ones need to be done first as in first thing in the morning.

  • Stop multitasking. For years, science and management “gurus” praised the value of multitasking. The Buddhists, and others, long ago realized that multitasking is a waste of time. You do it and you will get far less done and your work will be of a poorer quality than tackling one situation at a time. Pick a project, focus on it, and get it done. Then it is time to move on. When you are out running errands, are you trying to do them all at the same time?
  • Learn to say no and avoid and/or eliminate distractions. Saying no is all about establishing boundaries for yourself and for others. People pleasers are chronically short of time because they can’t say no to anyone. Then they wonder why their life never goes as planned. Get rid of the time wasters around you who wander over to chit chat about absolutely nothing. They are toxic energy vampires who will suck you dry if you allow them to. This may come as a shock to you but you don’t owe anyone an interaction.

  • Get enough sleep and improve your diet. Do these things and watch your energy levels and focus soar. Stay present and actually see how you are spending your time. See this and you will be able to see exactly where you are wasting it. Soon, wasting time will disappear because you can see it coming and avoid it smoothly. Manage your time well and you will immensely improve both the quality of your work as well as the quality of your life in general. Good luck!

-Written by Kevin Sawyer