Ways to boost SEO by driving traffic

Without traffic coming to your site or location, you are surely doomed. The competition is severe and only about 2 percent of searchers get beyond the first page of search results. So, what is the answer to both driving traffic and boosting your SEO? It is a myriad of things that, when combined, will not only keep you competitive but may allow you to dominate.

  • The first strategy is to generate as much original content as you can. Original articles play well with the search engines and these are just some of the subjects you can enlighten your visitors with and remember, headlines are everything:

How-to articles / Tip sheets / Guidebooks / Interviews / Essays / How-to articles

  • Perhaps the greatest weapon you have besides advertising is the use of video to generate content. Video continues to demonstrate that it is the most valuable traffic driver of them all. So, how to put your video strategy to best use?

Behind-the-scenes footage from your office / Making-of style documentaries / Uniquely-branded video programs

Custom training segments  / Exclusive sit-down interviews / Webinars / Q&As / Panel discussions

Product demonstrations / Customer testimonials / Vlogs

  • Next is to get and stay active with the online social media communities. This is likely where your customers are hanging out and spending their online time. Staying active with blogs, vlogs and community engagement will build familiarity and trust. It allows you to show people how you will solve their particular problems or bring some seriously added value into their lives.
  • Finally, don’t forget the old school visuals like charts, infographics and diagrams. These are still around because they work with regard to establishing your credibility. And, don’t forget how powerful writing a book can be for credibility and authority. When you an establish authority and credibility, you will be establishing trust. Establish that trust and you will be driving more traffic than you ever have because people like doing business with people and companies they like and trust.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer