Where your video marketing needs to go

Video is becoming more and more of a crucial factor in the marketing success of companies of all sizes. There are many ways in which you can integrate your video marketing so that it has a huge affect on your SEO efforts with regard to ranking. Video tends to be an evolving type of situation and it is important to discover where video marketing will be headed for the immediate future.

  • For the near future and beyond, a significant trend in video marketing has become what is known as the vlog. It is a regular video presentation carried out over time and is really just a video interpretation of the blog. Those companies that have been vlogging on a regular, or even daily, basis have begun to find that it is driving traffic beyond expectations. Daily and weekly vlogging will allow you to bring your customers, and potential customers, right into your company and allow them to get to know you and to understand why they must buy from you.
  • Another great use for video is the live presentation and the webinar. Going live with a promotional event can draw and audience rather quickly and will drive traffic in unexpected ways. It is a proven way to introduce new products and/or services and a great way to interact with an audience in actual real time. It becomes an entertainment vehicle and a sales tool all at the same time. Webinars can present behind the scenes looks at your company as well as an effective way to present tutorials.
  • Finally, establishing a YouTube channel will become an absolute must heading into the near future and beyond. That is where much of the action is and your social media marketing needs to step up and recognize that. Establish your channel and create some buzz with some advertising and you will soon discover that video can drive traffic and make conversions like few other marketing weapons available to you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer