Which video disaster are you?

If you want to successfully compete, if you want your company to grow and to thrive, you must be incorporating video into your short and long term marketing strategy. The use of video everywhere is no longer a luxury or an option. It has become an imperative if you want to stay relevant and ahead of your competitors. The challenge is, however, that most small companies don’t really know what they are doing and continue to create disaster for themselves.

  • The first disaster waiting to happen is that many small businesses don’t invest in the equipment and the production quality that they truly need. Too many frown at the cost rather than seeing it as a huge investment in their future. Have strong scripts, people who can actually act if needed and production people who know their way around a camera and a proper set. Do you really think that Fortune 1000 companies are posting video made by their 14 year old niece and her friends using their latest cell phones?

  • Not knowing where their audience is and not posting pretty much everywhere is another disaster most amateurs are making. Posting at your social media platforms is great but why not at your home page? Do your landing pages for particular products and services have related videos posted there? Why not? While you are at it, make certain your videos are optimized for mobile and for posting at YouTube. Only Google is a larger search engine than YouTube.

  • Don’t forget the message and the branding of it all. Tell your story.This is more than a commercial. Don’t forget to due the proper follow up and due diligence with regard what video content is effective for you. Make them informative and engaging and don’t forget the call to action. Your videos are not there because someone got bored at lunch. They are are there to educate and solve a problem for people. When done right, video can drive traffic and make conversions as few other marketing tools can do.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer