Why video is crucial to your social media success

Video is one of the most powerful marketing and brand awareness weapons you have. It must be fully integrated into your overall marketing strategy which includes your SEO and social media marketing efforts. When launching your videos out onto your social media channels, there are certain guidelines you need to keep in mind for them to be ultimately successful for you.

  • You, of course, only have less than five seconds to grab their attention. This starts with an eye catching and engaging thumbnail. Too few video producers pay enough attention to what their thumbnail is going to look like. Most thumbnails you see these days are worthless with regard to engaging someone to want to click on and watch. Unusual photos, emojis and pointed questions usually have the best effect out there with regard to the perfect thumbnail.
  • Everywhere these days is distraction. With so many people having the attention spans of babies, it becomes increasingly harder to draw someone in. The first ten seconds of your video must hit them hard and draw them in. The most important factor is understanding exactly why someone is watching your video. Do they think you have an answer to a problem they have even having? If so, then you need to address it immediately. No hard sell. Don’t force yourself on the viewer. It must be informative yet entertaining so that they feel good about your product or service at the end as well as having a real understanding of how you can solve their problem.
  • It is all about value and use subtitles to highlight and enforce certain points you wish to make about your products and services. Your pitch must be there and it must be a seamless part of the script. You are always moving the potential customer forward. You are always moving them toward the conversion. Forget telling them how wonderful and great you and your company are. No one cares. They only care about what you can do for them. Forget all the accolades and get right down to it. Finally, you must end the video with a call to action. Sprinkle them throughout but be certain there is one at the end. Tell them where they need to go to get their problem solved. Videos can be great instruments of persuasion and engagement. Plan and execute well. Do that and see your conversions and your ROI go through the proverbial roof.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer