Why your content needs a stronger focus

When it comes to the overall success of your online marketing strategies, nothing will ever be more critical than the state of your content. Without a solid content strategy, a business will be hard pressed to drive traffic and generate leads. When it comes to future planning, or a complete re-evaluation, some solid intel with regard to the current state of content marketing seems a good first step. In some recently published research by Siegemedia, the effect of a solid content plan becomes clearer. The following is taken directly from that published research:

  • 46% of businesses reported they want to increase their content creation spending in 2022.- Content Marketing Institute
  • Video is expected to be the most invested in B2B marketing channel in 2022.- Content Marketing Institute
  • 61% of content marketers expect increasing spending towards in-person events in 2022.- Content Marketing Institute
  • 51% of content consumption derives from organic search. – Kuno Creative
  • Only 12% of marketers are currently using voice search tactics as part of their strategy. – HubSpot
  • 38% of marketers plan to leverage infographics for the first time in 2022. – HubSpot
  • 76% of content marketers use organic traffic as a key metric to measuring content success. Only 22% use backlinks. – SEMrush
  • Virtual events are the B2B marketing channel that reported the best results in 2021. – Content Marketing Institute
  • Video is the most-used content format, with 59% of marketers that perform content marketing using video. – HubSpot

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  • 94% of content marketers are using social media as a distribution channel for their content. – SEMrush
  • People have twice as many interactions with brands on mobile than anywhere else. – Think With Google
  • 53% of mobile users will close a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. – Think With Google
  • 57% of users report they wouldn’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. –  Form Stack
  • Social media (94%), blog posts/short articles (80%) and email newsletters (74%) are the top three types of content B2C marketers used in 2018/2019. – Content Marketing Institute
  • 40% of B2C content marketers only look at competitors once per year (or not at all). – Conductor
  • B2C marketers dedicate an average 26% of their total marketing budget towards content marketing. The most successful content marketers dedicate 40%. – Content Marketing Institute
  • Email campaigns (87%) and educational content (77%) are the top content marketing methods B2B marketers use to nurture their audience. – Content Marketing Institute
  • Virtual events produced the best results for B2B marketers in 2021, with 58% of content marketers reporting strong outcomes. – Content Marketing Institute
  • 63% of content marketers use their content strategy to build loyalty with their existing clients. – Content Marketing Institute

-Written by Kevin Sawyer