Why your CS needs to get better

When all is pretty much equal among rivals, sometimes the only thing that can separate them, and bring in the conversions, is a company’s customer service team. Sure, you say, I knew that. But is your customer service team really an elite entity that knows what it is doing and why it is doing it? Too many companies are leaving things to chance or simply relying on automation and robots. Want to win? Then, you need to build the best CS team that you can.

  • Would you let just anyone onto your sales team? Just let anyone manage? Of course not. It begins at the beginning with the hire. Customer service mindset needs to mirror the sales mindset. Technology isn’t the answer. Competent people are the answer. It doesn’t take a village. It takes one dedicated and skilled customer service rep. They must have enthusiasm and be very nimble on their feet just as your sales reps are. They must have a mission and be properly trained and ably led.

  • Once you have a finely honed team, you must empower them to make decisions just as you do with your sales teams. If they have to stop to get some okay from some middle manager, the sale is likely gone. Besides, what customer is going to tolerate not talking to a decision maker? People skills are the key. Not everyone has them or is capable of developing them.
  • Don’t put a clerk in charge or your nephew who needed a job. Customer service is too important to your future to be left to amateurs. You need an experienced hand who can provide knowledge and ongoing training and support. In the end, your CS team is as valuable as your sales team. They are never a cost. They are always an investment in your future.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer