Why your customers are not engaging

The key to success these days seems to be linked to customer engagement. Every company, regardless of size, wants an engaged customer base. They want potential customers and clients to be interactive and informed. To get them all engaged, however, you first must get their attention. Then, you need to drive them to you. When they get there however, it doesn’t seem like they are hanging around. So, why not?

  • Are you finding that people are visiting your social media sites and online ads but only a tiny portion of them are clicking through to your site to check you out further? Nearly 90% of people who have a poor first engagement with a company ever return. Traffic is great but it is engagement that will get you to the promised land of sales.

  • Perhaps the greatest tweek you can make to increase customer engagement is to make your site and pages load faster than what they are. If your pages and site can’t load in three seconds or less, they are gone. If that isn’t enough, the search god Google considers page load speed when delivering search results.
  • Push your new content, services and products. Use pop ups if you need to in an effort to drive traffic and engagement with your new offerings. Nothing works better than a coupon and a discount along with showing them how you will enhance their life or solve a problem.

  • Another great way to increase your engagement with customers is to get their email address. Offering discounts and free products or services in exchange for it will give you yet another way to stay in contact and get them to revisit often. Finally, testimonials, especially video testimonials, are one of the surest ways to establish trust and foster engagement. Peer reviews are greatly responded to and research has shown that they increase both customer engagement and conversions.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer