Why your ecommerce is stumbling

Ecommerce success depends largely on whether or not a business can project both credibility as well as trust. This is not an easy thing to do especially in today’s world where everyone is in a hurry and attention spans have shrunk to almost nothing. The challenge is that, for the consumer, there is a certain amount of risk involved with purchasing something online. This is why trust and credibility are so crucial to the survival of any ecommerce endeavor.

  • The more you can make the potential customer feel comfortable about your site, the greater the chance of a conversion. The major problem that many companies ignore is that there is not enough basic info about the company anywhere at the site. What is the big secret? Let everyone know who you are with plenty of info and videos. Make them feel welcomed and comfortable. The more comfortable they feel about you, the more they will trust you.
  • Where many ecommerce stores also stumble is in the presentation of their products. There must be an overwhelming display with complete descriptions as well as lots of video showcasing the product. Comments and testimonials from happy and satisfied customers also does wonders for the trust and credibility factor. Allow them to experience the product. Show them how it will solve a problem or enhance their life.

  • Finally, presentation is everything. Your site must be uniform and easy to navigate. You only have about four seconds to convince a visitor to stay so make sure your site design and links do exactly that. Make sure all of the best technology is in place and do everything you can do increase your page load times. And don’t forget those seals of trust everywhere along with those calls to action. Make them feel safe and then hold their hand all the way to the checkout.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer