Why your SEO is probably getting it wrong

When small business owners and entrepreneurs gather to create and carry out their SEO marketing plans, quite often they are focused on things that aren’t all that important. Too many are focused entirely on the numbers. Too many are focused on every little ridiculous tweek Google decides to throw out there. Too many are focused just on where they end up in a SERP. While such focus may seem reasonable, the truly important aspect of your SEO is getting lost in all the math.

  • Sure, SEO is all about driving traffic and increasing page ranking but too many companies have manipulated the process in an artificial manner to seemingly produce the results they have been looking for. For them, those are the only metrics worth measuring. The ones worth measuring, however, are the engagements, the conversations, and the eventual conversions. After all, isn’t that why you are in business to begin with? To make sales? To make a profit?
  • If you are not engaging with customers and/or clients, all of your marketing and SEO efforts are wasted. If you are not communicating and leading them to the sale,  anything you do to jack your ranking means nothing in the end. Most business owners just seem to ask if a particular strategy or tactic will increase their rank then they are all for putting that into play. Ranking can often become too unstable. It can depend on Google’s constant interference as well as what your rivals are doing. Neither of those things can be controlled by you so it would seem wise to concentrate your energies elsewhere.
  • Many of the tactics may, indeed, raise your ranking but if you are not engaging,  if you are not making those conversions, then everything you do will show little real measurable results. If you reconsider your SEO strategy and begin to move away from the numbers and the metrics that measure nothing, you will being to embrace engagement and brand awareness. Establishing and promoting your brand, your company’s unique voice, and then drawing those leads in and engaging with them, is what will secure your company long into the future regardless of what your competitors or what Google may decide to do.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer