Why your social media is working against you

Are you taking your social media marketing for the serious weapon that it is? Sadly, many small businesses are not. When you use your social media channels to inform and drive traffic, it is then that you will begin to realize the value it has. In addition, social media access is free. However, there may be some things that you are doing, or not doing, that could actually be hurting you.

  • One major mistake that gets made far too often is posting simply to post. Simply to throw something out there. You must have a plan for every post. They must be calculated to full effect which is to boost your brand awareness and to drive traffic. Your post must engage. They must be informative and interesting. If not, the audience is headed over to your competitors.
  • Not being flexible in approach is one of the huge blunders many small businesses are also making. Too many companies keep posting the same old content and finding that it isn’t engaging; isn’t driving traffic to their site. Your social media only exists to drive traffic. If it isn’t doing that, get rid of it. Find what works and then keep giving them more of that.

  • Your social media marketing is failing if you see yourself selling all of the time. Too much hard sell and promotion will cause your audience to flee. People don’t want to be sold, they want to be engaged. They want you to understand their problem and offer a credible solution. They want to have value brought into their lives.
  • Finally, you have to stay consistent. Your brand must have an identity and it must be built upon with every post, every article and every video. People must know who you are and what you stand for and what you’re about. This is how they will come to know you. This is how they will come to like you. This is how they will come to trust you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer