Why your social media marketing must pivot again

Your social media marketing can be a huge catalyst for driving sales and growth.  How your potential customers are using social media and which ones they spend a lot of time on can be tricky to determine and is ever shifting. Some recent research published at Small Business Trends shows just who is using what and which states are being dominated by a certain platform.

  • Nielsen research has revealed that the average person is spending about eleven hours a day interacting with all sort of electronics and that almost an hour of that, or more, is spent on social media. In addition, according to the internet provider and researcher CenturyLink, not all Americans are homogeneous with regard to where they are spending their social media time and what social sites they are actively searching.

  • Every year, CenturyLink publishes research that reveals the top social media platforms that are searched for in every American state according to the usage numbers. So, which platforms are the most searched for and visited?
  • SnapChat has gained some serious momentum over the last few years and has become the most searched for social media platforms in the country and is the leading platform visited in ten states. Pinterest pulled in at a close number two and is first in ten states also including New Hampshire.
  • Following at a strong number three is Instagram which is the number one go-to platform in eight states and is clearly ahead of the remainders which include both Facebook and Reddit and YouTube tying for fifth with Twitter bringing up the final spot.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer