Why your startup can’t ignore SEO

A simple matter of observation can easily see that most small startups are always looking for ways to save cash and to be more efficient right out of the proverbial gate. However, far too many entrepreneurs are looking to save by way of shying away from brand building and, especially, SEO. Nothing will hurt a startup more than ignoring the established weapon that is search engine optimization.

  • SEO helps get you found out at the search engines and can begin to drive traffic for you almost right away. In addition, you will be gathering in tons of customer behavior data that will be critical to your early success and long term growth. You can see what words and phrases are working for yourself and others and will better be able to coordinate with you marketing teams. It is best when first starting up to throw your resources into SEO. Too many blunder and start looking at PPC and social media campaigns. Most fail because research continues to prove out that SEO is the best weapon you have to start driving traffic. Only email outperforms it.

  • SEO also drives more conversions because those customers have actually sought out your products and/or services. SEO adds to your legitimacy as a new business and can be critical in making future business decisions as you gather more and more data on both your products/services and your customers. Your immediate SEO efforts will also help you keep customers for the long term by providing engaging content that they will be looking for and what always ranks highly with the search engines. All in all, a solid SEO strategy right out of your startup gate will help you get some immediate traction by quickly driving traffic so you can have the opportunity to make those conversions.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer