Will driving more emotion drive more sales?

Venturing into the deep end of your brand awareness marketing means getting personal. Getting personal has brought your brand awareness quest to a new level because it establishes an emotional link between your company and your potential audience. With all of the big data and analytics available to your marketing efforts these days, it can be a simple matter of establishing that emotional link that fosters brand loyalty over the long term.

  • Establishing an emotional tie with a brand establishes trust. People like to do business with people they like and with people they believe they can trust. That’s what getting personal does for your brand. Research everywhere has long demonstrated that brands that can connect with their customer base on a personal level drive more sales. Driving the emotions has long been known by the most adept sales reps to illicit more conversions than any mere argument using logic. As the cliche goes, it isn’t about the steak, it’s about the sizzle. In fact, in a recent marketing article written for the Harvard Business Review, it found that those customers who have an emotional investment in the success of a company is more important to a business than merely satisfied customers. Emotionally invested customers buy more products and services and they spread the word far more effectively.
  • One of the major ways to get more personal is to make your company seem human. You need to project an aura of people helping people. Let them see you and your people as often as they can. People want to do business with people not some gigantic and faceless multinational corporation. If your business is suddenly a real person, a friend, and can help them solve a problem or better their lives, then you are well on the road to driving the emotion that continues to drive conversions.
  • Make no mistake, this is not an easy thing to do and it must have its roots in your company culture. Your people must be instilled with the concept of creating those emotional bonds with every customer and potential customer they may come in contact with. The more your company creates the aura that it is made up of real people who care, the more your conversions will jump.
  • Remember, it really is all in the details. Taking the extra time, going that extra mile to establish real relationships with real people will make a huge difference to you and your company. In the end it will be like having thousands of friends who come to you to solve problems and who will spread the word.

-Written y Kevin Sawyer