Will Facebook’s new emojis alter your social marketing?

z888  Facebook has added five new emojis to their lineup in addition to their tradition “like” button. These new “feelings” characters may just affect the way you approach your SEO and your social media marketing in the future.

What does all of this mean?

The five new added reactions include Love, Angry, HaHa, Sad and Wow. Facebook has been testing the new reactions to see if they want to continue to run with them and possibly add even more. What it has done for SEO strategy and social media marketing is to cause everyone to scramble to translate meaning into action.

In releasing the new emojis, Mark Zuckerberg waxed on about how people may be feeling certain emotions about a post that a simple “like” might not cover. This is yet another example of how actual talking and face to face communication – or heaven forbid; writing, is slowly but surely being eliminated. While nothing will ever have more value to your marketing than actual comments and, again, possible insight, it is what the 600 pound gorilla in the room has decided to do so it becomes, as always, adapt or die.

Making adjustments and turning these to your advantage

The major challenge with all of this is recent marketing data that claims that over 90% of Facebook users access their page through a mobile device. It is because of this, that the challenge with the emojis becomes clearer. Leaving written comments via a mobile device is not as simple a matter as when done from a desktop or a laptop. So, since the majority of search is now done on cell phones, your marketing must adapt and engage.

While uncertainty remains, a new report issued by Wired magazine indicates that marketers are embracing these new emojis and adapting as necessary. It seems to actually be simplifying the evaluation of social marketing strategies and content. It is increasing the amount of feedback you are getting so you can make your adjustments. The ability to receive instant feedback can make you more nimble and will allow you to take quick advantage of your competitors.

 -Written by Kevin Sawyer