Will inbound marketing be effective for your business?

For any business to survive these days, it must have a solid marketing plan in place if it looks to grow and thrive. There is your traditional outbound marketing which can encompass everything from your traditional SEO efforts to your social media marketing strategies. There is, however, inbound marketing which can actually be a more subtle and effective way to build brand awareness and drive traffic.

  • Inbound marketing began to flourish as more and more people became fed up with pop ups and other intrusive forms of advertising. Businesses began to try and drive traffic through more natural methods but it can be tricky until you can get a system established that works effectively for your particular business. For your extended marketing strategy going forward, your ads have to appear to flow into their lives so that they will want to click through and see how you will solve a problem or bring added value to their lives.
  • Of course, the first thing you always need to know is who your potential customers are and where you can find them. After that, you need to know their pain and what will trigger them to check you out. Everything else in your strategy will revolve around these pain triggers. Your keyword research will then be highly focused on these triggers so that your brand will be there when a potential customer is looking for you to relieve one or more of their pain triggers.
  • Your next focus needs to be on the construction of your content as well as having clearly defined goals and data analytics in place. Your content must be tailored for all phases of a customer’s buying experience. You must make them aware of you, craft content to tell them why they need you and then hit them with content that will spur them to action. Content so compelling that they must visit.
  • Not everyone will convert their first visit through so you must establish a lead system that will nurture those who came and left. They were not ready for you then but may be down the road. Stay in touch with them, place your calls to action and ask them for the sale every third or fourth time around. A great way to obtain and nurture leads is through your content which features white papers and special reports that they must download to get. After that, you just need to hold their hand all the way to the conversion.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer