Will livestreaming video boost your engagement?


One of the most immediate and effective ways you can boost your engagement and spread your brand awareness is through the use of video livestreaming. Out on the social media platforms, the apps for livestreaming are everywhere and are being used more and more by audiences every day. Again, as with all of your social media and SEO marketing, not every social media channel is right for your business.

However, new opportunities have surfaced that may present an ideal chance for you to create engagement and drive some immediate traffic. There are a couple of sites and apps that have begun to surface as an ideal place to begin a serious livestreaming offensive. One is, of course, Facebook. The social media giant now has a tool called Facebook Live that allows you to put together a livestreaming event. There are also some serious, and heavily used, contenders out there like Blab.im and Periscope.

Livestreaming can be a huge boost to your SEO marketing efforts but it would be best to limit your use of it to a few immediate situations like:

  • A certain time sensitive event like an upcoming video seminar or a new product launch or even a special sales event.
  • If you have a live event going on like a sale or customer appreciation day or a special seminar, the livestreaming can be sent out to cover the event as it happens for you.
  • Speaking of training, you can put the livestreaming to work for you as a sales and training tool that can work with your remote employees and sales staffs.
  • Have a new product or service you want to launch with the proverbial bang? A live streaming event would be an excellent way to get some immediate engagement and some immediate traffic.
  • Special promotions and in store events can be sent out live to potential customers with a chance to reach an audience you may have thought was previously unattainable.

Livestreaming can be a highly effective tool for your overall SEO marketing strategy. There are several platforms available out there that can help you engage and drive as many people as possible. Find one or two that you might think will reach the demographic you want and put together an event.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer