Will these SEO marketing risks actually pay off for you?


Business is risk. You know that. You also know that the best you can work toward is the calculated risk. Unfortunately, too many businesses these days are looking for immediate gratification and instant ROI. Too many fail to realize that their SEO marketing efforts are a long term strategy that they must engage in every day. There are some calculated risks, however, that you can keep engaging in even if you have a rather limited marketing budget.

One of the newest SEO risks being tried by businesses is getting loyal and satisfied customers to be brand spokespeople for their business. It is a risk that has been paying off for those companies that have engaged in it. Finding those customers who are rabid fans and turning out a video endorsement is driving the traffic. People love to see others who are happy with you as they can relate to someone who just seems like a regular person rather than a paid actor or celebrity.

Staying on the customer endorsement trail, offering customers special discounts or prizes for sending them quality images or videos of themseles using your products or services is proving to boost ROI significantly. This is SEO content that is hard to beat. Reaching out to the younger potential customers with messaging apps has, also, proved out to be a significant driver of traffic. Branded contests, games and prizes are proving a huge hit with the teens and Millennials.

While content marketing has always shown the best rate of return, too many small businesses are not leveraging this important SEO weapon. Your content must add value, solve a problem and educate your audience toward your brand. You need an expert team on this as it is the most crucial tool you have for driving traffic and gaining conversions.

Finally, keeping video in your SEO marketing mix will gain you a wider audience. Not only the behind the scenes and outright commercials, but live streaming is proving to be a risk that is paying off in a huge way for businesses. Such tools like Periscope and Facebook Live are making the opportunity too easy to pass up. Businesses everywhere are live streaming special events to their potential customer audience and it is driving traffic and building brand awareness and trust.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer