Will voice search drastically alter your SEO strategies?

As nearly 60% of all searches are now done from mobile devices, especially phones, how is your SEO marketing strategy going to shift to contend with the ever growing presence of voice searches? This is no simple matter as strategies have, indeed, begun to seriously shift as millions of cell phones around the world are now being use for voice searches.

The challenge will be that, for the immediate future, desktop searches will be the primary search method for searches of range and depth. However, voice search is quickly overtaking search methods and will soon be the dominant method for most searches. While your use of keywords will remain crucial to your SEO success, the specific kinds of keywords and phrases used may be shifting a bit.

Long tail phrases will begin to take on a greater importance as voice search continues to dominate. Searchers will not be so inclined as to use a single word or a small group of words. They will be using specific phrases and talking in a conversational manner. There will be some new SEO focus areas that you will need to strengthen to accommodate the trend in voice search.

You will need to consider such things as: where is your business, who owns it, when it is open, what it sells, what is your phone number and what are the hours of operation? These are just a few of the new areas of concentration that will take on a greater importance as you move forward with your SEO adjustments. One efficient way to get the most SEO bang for your proverbial buck is to make sure you have an in-depth FAQ page at your site. It will answer all of these search questions immediately.

As always, your SEO will hinge on your content. Your content needs to engage, of course, but it needs to integrate as much information about what you do and how you will add value to their lives or help them to solve a particular problem. The more specific the content is, the better results you are likely to get in a voice search. Also, when it comes to your content, you must incorporate as many images and video content as you can. Visitors will retain the information much more quickly and for much longer periods. The time to prepare for voice search is now so that you will be ready when it becomes the standard.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer