The worst social media advice ever

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Social media marketing is just as important these days as your SEO efforts and marketing. Most everyone, of course, thinks that they are some sort of expert on social media simply because the have a Facebook page. And, of course, all of these self styled “experts” around you are going to give you tons of ignorant advice about it.

You will know it is bad advice if they say…

You need to be out there on all the social media sites

This will be some of the most ridiculous advice you ever get. Right now, there are 214 different social media sites out there on the Web. You should know your customers. You should know the target audience you are trying to reach. Facebook is, likely, a given as is YouTube. After that, you need to know your audience. Mostly women? Then you should be great friends with both Pinterest and Instagram. You can’t be everywhere. It would be a waste of time and resources. Pick a small handful of site where you know your target audience goes, and then get there fast.

You should just let an intern do it

This may be the worst advice at all. Do you know how many small businesses let their 16 year old niece do their social media marketing for them? You would be shocked at the numbers. What does some college kid know about business? About marketing and advertising? Likely nothing. Just because they are young and know there way around the Web, doesn’t mean you need to trust them with a crucial part of your SEO marketing plan. You need experience and if you can’t do it, hire some pros that can.

Just do social media instead of SEO

That seems to be a common trend now thinking that social media “likes” is replacing long term SEO marketing strategies. Nothing will replace solid SEO. Social media exists to educate people about your brand and to drive traffic to your website or physical location. Social media is there to enhance brand identity not replace a solid and long term SEO strategy. If you are getting the fans out there then you are providing them with original and engaging content. The search gods always reward that with higher SERP rankings.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer