You customers are raving fans? Why not?

Every company strives to retain loyal customers and clients. The challenge is to turn them, not into loyal customers, but into raving fans. While this is far easier said than done, there are certain strategies that will allow you to turn your steadfast customers and clients into long time fans. Do this and you have created brand fans that will spread the word everywhere.

  • One of the best ways to turn your loyal customers into raving fans is by simply keeping up with them. Email campaigns as well as social media are two excellent ways to reach out and keep them in the loop and to let them know that they are appreciated. You want their feedback. You want them to share your your content with as many of their social network contacts as possible. Encourage them to post great reviews at their social media and at all of the reputable review sites.
  • SEO is the only strategy that drives traffic better than a perfectly executed email campaign. Newsletters and special offers are the perfect way to stay close to your loyal fan base and get them talking about what you have going on. Sending them off special discounts and coupons will keep them talking and will truly show how much you care about them and their business. Look to make them special. This is where you can definitely beat the big boys and girls. For example, take the cable companies and the cell phone companies. How often do you see them offering special pricing and freebies for those who come on with them or switch from their present carrier? All the time. And what do they offer loyal customers who have been with them for fifteen years? That’s right, nothing. Again, here is where you can clobber your larger rivals.
  • Finally, get them to generate their own content or ask them to do a video marketing piece for you. Turn it into a story. Go into their business and showcase them while telling everyone how you helped them solve a problem or how you provided added value to their lives and their businesses.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer